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When you enter your email address to subscribe, enter it alone

in the text box (like this): roger@abc.com

Do not enter it like this <roger@abc.com> (will be rejectd)

Do not enter it like this Roger Rabbit” <roger@abc.com>

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To send email to 78-L, send the email it to: 78-L@78online.com

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Questions? Send them to ron@fial.com. I will answer as soon as I can.

Additional Notes:

(1) When sending email to 78-L, don't use the host name 'klickitat'. It works but is not desirable.

You should send your emails to the list to 78-L@78online.com just like before.
Don't use the server 'hostname', as in 78-L@klickitat.78online.com

That wont work if the list is moved from the server named 'klickitat'.

(2) Each 78-L member now has a 'personal' home page, accessed using 8-character password.

You were mailed a link to that personal page. As long as you have the link, you can go to the page and request that your password be re-sent to you. Once you log in, you can:

(a) Turn email to yourself on and off

(b) Change from regular-list to digest-list

(c) Unsubscribe

(d) Change your subscribed email address

(e) Change your password

(f) Change other options which are not relevant at present.

(3) It is also possible to do the things in (4) using emails. But the format is different from the old list. I will explain more as we go along.

(4) Currently, emails are limited to 30,000 characters maximum. They are mostly under 2000. But the 'mailman' program counts characters in the arriving email, before attachments are stripped. The old list stripped the attachments, then counted characters. The problem is one person has a signature that includes .jpg images where the image itself is over 30,000 characters. Then the post comes to the list-owner for 'approval'. I am trying to find a work-around for this.

(5) Digests are sent out once per day (default), or when the mail since the last digest totals over 40,000 characters. The default-digest is sent at 9PM, I will be changing that after I make sure it doesnt hurt any other 'automatic' tasks. The old list always sent the default-digest out at about 5AM.